Welcome to the Sells District!

Traditionally known as the Komckud E-wa’osidk Ceksan (Turtle Wedged District), we are one of the Tohono O’odham Nation’s eleven political Districts, located south centrally on our tribe’s reservation in Southern Arizona. The Sells District is the most populated District on the reservation and houses the tribal government and nearly all of the local services including: the Bashas shopping center, post office, fire station, police station, jail, hospital and tribal court. The District is made up of eight communities: Kawulk (The Hill), Ge Oidag (Big Field), North Communities (No:ligk, Iron Stand, Rincon, Bobcat, San Luis) and Sells (Komckud E-Wa'osidk: Turtle Wedged). We have formed this website as a tool for our constituents who live on and off the reservation to seek available services with the most convenience. As well it is open to the public for reference. The website will be updated regularly to provide the best service possible. THANK YOU FOR VISITING!


Find important information regarding the Sells District Administration. We provide contact information to give members of the public a resource to learn about and connect with our communities and the people who provide service to our District membership.


As a recognized federal tribe, the Tohono O’odham Nation resides on four separate pieces of land that make up the reservation. As a part of the Nation, Sells District is the host of the three tribal branches of government, a recreation center and health center. Find information on the District’s communities, local representatives and the resources they can provide to the membership, as well as links to the Nation’s resources.


Find information on our website regarding upcoming events, news or updates to stay informed. Our Administration will update the events calendar every month. Visit this page to stay connected and current on the District events.