Mission & Goals

Sells District Administration’s mission and goals are to provide paramount service to our constituents. We work to carry out their goals and objectives and those of the communities, and provide a voice to interface with the Tohono O’odham Nation on behalf of our communities.

The Sells District Administration consists of 14 employees, working out of the office located at milepost 112.7 on State Route 86, south east of the Sells Convenience Station. We provide a range of services to the local community, such as monetary and labor assistance. Our conference room provides a community hub for events and meetings. We have several community-based committees to oversee and address local concerns and serve the will of our constituents from the eight local communities via a 42 member governing District Council, who gather for three meetings a month. We are also home to the business office of our local stores and enterprises located within the District.

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Open Positions



Administration Staff

Hai Laventure | Sells District Business Manager
E-Mail: hlaventure@toua.net

Evelyn Jose | Sells District Elder/Youth Coordinator E-mail: evelyn.jose@toua.net

Margaret Listo | Sells District Community Liaison
E-mail: margaret.listo@toua.net

Rhonda Wilson | Sells District Accounting Tech
E-mail: rhonda.wilson@toua.net

Daniel Chavez | Sells District Custodian & Groundskeeper
Phone: (520) 383-2281

Juan C. Buendia | Sells District Chairperson
E-mail: juanCbuendia@toua.net

Bruce G. Garcia | Sells District Vice-Chairperson
E-mail: bruceg.garcia@toua.net

Ernest J. Santos | Sells District Secretary
E-mail: ernest.santos@toua.net

Marilyn Ignacio | Sells District Treasurer
E-mail: sdtreasurer@toua.net

Sells District Receptionist E-mail: sellsdistrict@toua.net

April Thomas | Sells District Driver/Assistant April.Thomas@toua.net

Legislative Representatives

Evelyn Juan-Manuel
E-mail: evelyn.juan@toua.net
Phone: (520) 383-2281

Arthur Wilson
E-mail: arthur.wilson@tonation-nsn.gov
Phone: (520) 383-5260



Lifestock Range Bosses

Sells | Gilbert Norris, Sr. & Nicholas Kuth-Le
Ge Oidag | Manuel Havier
Kawulk | Leonard Delores & Vincent Valenzuela
North Communities | Enos Listo

Youth Council Representatives

District Representative | Terrel Lopez
E-mail: TerrelLopez308@gmail.com

District Representative | Warren Mattias
E-mail: mattias.warren127@gmail.com

Alternate | Jasmine Stevens E-mail: jastevens234@gmail.com

Alternate | VACANT